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Dr Ali Shetaiwi

Dr.Shetaiwi graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2005 and completed his postgraduate orthopaedic training in King Abdullah University Hospital which is considered one of the biggest teaching hospitals in Jordan.  In 2011 he achieved a higher degree in Orthopaedics and successfully  passed the local board exam.  His interest in spine surgery began in the last year of his training and his wish to become a spinal surgeon grew whilst working for three years under the supervision of Dr Shahaltough, a reconstructive spine and tumour surgeon, in both his private practice and in King Hussein Cancer Centre.  During this time Dr. Shetaiwi became interested in spinal oncology and has since expanded his training and research knowledge in both primary spinal tumours and metastatic cord compression.

He had the opportunity to enhance his spinal surgical skills at Leicester under Mr. Omar Gabbar and Mr Wai Yoon between August 2017 and August 2019,  under the sponsorship of the Royal College Surgeons of Edinburgh.  He successfully achieved the IMGSS certificate for completing this international spinal fellowship.

He is interested in spinal research and audit and has presented at both local and national conferences as well as publishing various abstracts. His interest is to publish mainly in spinal tumour and reconstructive work.

Dr. Shetaiwi  joined The Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery (CSSS), Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospitals, UK, as a Spinal Fellow, in September 2019 to learn complex spinal deformity surgery .