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Dr Ahmad Tarawneh

Dr. Ahmad Tarawneh is a fellowship-trained spine surgeon. He completed two years of spinal fellowship in the Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospitals, where he had the opportunity to learn from and work with world-leading spinal surgeons.

Dr. Tarawneh completed his high school education from the Jubilee school for gifted students in Jordan in 2003. He then completed medical school education from the University of Jordan. Following medical school, he pursued his post-graduate training in Neurosurgery in Amman, Jordan. During his training, Dr. Tarawneh was exposed to a wide range of spinal pathologies including degeneration, trauma, infection and tumors.

In August 2017, he participated in AOSpine short term fellowship in the Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery in Nottingham.

A year later, Dr. Tarawneh, passed the Jordanian Board in Neurosurgery ranking the first among all candidates.

Dr. Tarawneh has a keen interest in clinical research. He is a member of the editorial board in highly prestigious journals. He published book chapters and a wide range of articles covering several aspects in the field of spinal surgery including but not limited to degenerative pathologies of the spine, deformity, tumors,  trauma in general and in older people in particular, the use of Robotics in the field of spinal surgery and more.

One of the recent publications is a level I evidence and discussed the clinical outcome and accuracy of robotics in pedicle screws insertions. This paper was covered in spinal news international in their issue on 19/6/2020 and was the most read topic for few days;

Another publication on Surgical Complications and Re-operation Rates in Spinal Metastases Surgery was covered in the 19/11/2020 issue of the spinal international news;

Dr. Tarawneh was awarded for “Excellence in Spinal Surgery Research” at the Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery, Queen’s Medical Centre in 2020.

Dr. Tarawneh participated and presented in several local and international highly prestigious congresses and was invited as a faculty member in others. He is a member of the AOSpine foundation and a validation member of the AOSpine sacral classification system, a member in North American Spine Society (NASS) and the European Association of Neurological Surgeons (EANS).

Dr. Tarawneh is currently an Associate Specialist in Spinal Surgery.


Certificate Award for Excellence in Spinal Surgery Research for year 2020


Recent Publications