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The experience patients have of our department is very important to us and we aim to make you feel safe in this unfamiliar environment. Many patients feel apprehensive and bewildered about their visit to the operating room, whether their need is for elective surgery or as an emergency admission. You can rest assured you will be treated with total dignity in a clean and safe environment.


Theatre Reception

On the day of your spine surgery, you will be escorted from the ward on a theatre trolley or your own hospital bed by a porter. Upon arrival in the theatre reception the team will welcome you and carry out a short check in which to identify you as part of our WHO Patient Safety Check.


Anaesthetic Room

When the team have prepared all the equipment for your surgery a member of the team will collect you, and take you into the anaesthetic room where you will receive a general anaesthetic if appropriate.

Once inside you will meet your anaesthetist who, alongside the scrub practitioner and one of the surgeons attending your surgery, will conduct the Patient Safety Check, where questions about your identity and surgical procedure will be confirmed.

Once you and the team are happy to continue with your procedure the anaesthetist will insert a small needle in preparation to put you to sleep, and you will drift off in no time at all.


Operating Room

Here the full team will carry out your spine surgical procedure to the highest standard, ensuring your safety, dignity and well-being at all times.


Recovery Room

Following your operation we will transfer you on your hospital bed to the recovery room. An assigned nurse will work with you on a one-to-one basis making sure your post operative care is continued to the same high standard. Their aim is to ensure you are pain free and comfortable and any wound drains and urinary catheters will be checked.

When you are able to maintain your own airway and are free of pain you will then be transferred back to the ward with a nurse and porter.

If you have a questions prior to your theatre department care that you wish to discuss with a member of the team then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to deliver our daily vision for your surgical requirements, to the highest standard in a safe and controlled manner.


Last updated: July 2018