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An appointment at spinal outpatients will usually be the first step towards treatment for the majority of our patients.

Our clinics have been moved to B Floor, West Block, QMC.

The Nursing Team

The clinics nursing team consists of a Deputy Sister, three Staff Nurses and four Nursing Auxiliaries who work with the Consultants during their clinics.

There is also a Specialist Oncology Nurse, a Scoliosis Practitioner, an Osteoporosis Nurse and two Nurse Practitioners who hold clinics alongside the Consultants, as well as a trained nurse who sees post operative patients six to eight weeks after their surgery.

The nurses are there to provide you with information and to give you reassurance, so please feel free to ask them questions. If they don't know the answers they will certainly endeavour to find them out for you. 


In Clinic

Your outpatient consultation will either be with the Consultant you have been assigned to directly,  or with a Fellow of their team or an Extended Scope Practitioner, who will discuss the relevant findings with the consultant later.  In many instances, it will not be necessary for the Consultant to see you personally, often allowing your waiting time to be reduced, but we will always strive to accommodate a direct meeting with the Consultant if you request one.

During your visit to clinic, your Consultant will decide on a plan of care. This may consist of spinal imaging or other investigations, referrals such as physiotherapy, you being listed for a day case procedure (usually to optimise pain relief), you being listed for surgery, or advising your GP on the best course of action and referrals for you.

It is our policy to provide a nurse chaperone for all physical examinations so please feel free to ask for one if a nurse is not immediately present.

As we are a teaching hospital, there are sometimes medical students or surgeons visiting from other units who may accompany the Consultant conducting the clinic. Should you be uncomfortable with the presence of students or visiting surgeons please do not hesitate to mention this to staff. This is in no way mandatory and will not have any effect on your consultation.

Patients who have had simple or standard procedures performed and are progressing well, usually require one or two follow-up appointments. The first is approximately 6-8 weeks after surgery and the other after a year, if implants have been inserted. If, contrary to expectation, progress is not as expected or difficulties arise, you can be referred to our daily drop-in clinics where you will be seen by the Research or Clinical Fellow on-call, who will take the appropriate action. To access the drop-in clinic, please ask your GP to call 0115 849 3377 or fax a short referral to 0115 875 4551.

Waiting Times

There are currently long waiting times for new patients to be seen in clinic, so we do warn in advance and are grateful for your patience on the matter. Plans are in place to improve this situation, but may take some time to take effect.


There is a disabled car park outside the department and, whilst other parking is available, it is restricted and patients are therefore strongly advised to use the park and ride wherever possible.

Further information is available on the Trust website at


Useful Contact Telephone Numbers

Switchboard: 0115 924 9924

Fax Number: 0115 970 9991

Choose the appropriate extension number from the list below:


Donna-Marie Urbanowicz - (Specialty PA to Mr Khalid Salem): use extension 61013 

Lynette Leek - (Secretary to Mr Magnum Tsegaye): use extension 61005

Lisa Adams - (Secretary to Mr Nasir Quraishi): use extension 65160

Angela Cocking - (Secretary to Mr Masood Shafafy and Mr. Sathya Thambiraj): use extension 61024

Christine Pickard - (Secretary to Mr Michael Grevitt and Mr.Philip Sell): use extension 68469

Diane O'Hare - ( Unit Administrator): use extension 63908  


Last updated: November 2018